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Over Three Decades of Experience and Results

About Us

Being an NPC Global customer means you’re in good hands. From your first contact with our experienced sales account management team through the entire experience of being an NPC Global customer. We constantly monitor and direct your complete customer experience.

ContainerWe start by learning your business, timeframe's, buying habits and product budget requirements. Our packaging experts will then craft what we term “Smart Packaging” and provide alternative product and service options on a continual basis to ensure your packaging spending is managed efficiently.We are always looking for future cost saving initiatives and overall improvements in the process.

We recognize the need for on-time delivery and the ability to provide logistical options (see Supply Chain and Logistics) when necessary, for next day delivery across the 48 contiguous states. Your customer profile is maintained in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and is available to all of our NPC Global team members. This enables them to know your personal preferences for delivery days, times, need to make prior delivery scheduling, pallet sizing, and the most convenient times for meetings and phone calls.

Our ever expanding service options grow with your business requirements. NPC Global’s inventory release program (Stock Release Program) enables your business to purchase in bulk for savings while cutting your floor space needs by storing your supplies offsite in our facilities. Our Stock Release Program creates a tailored program for product release shipping and efficiently manages your spending as we invoice only when product has been shipped.

Utilizing our e-Business solutions for order placement provides electronic updates via industry standard EDI. Automatic time release for your most widely used supplies with automatic inventory replenishment and inventory trend analysis ensure zero supply outages across all your locations.

Professional and responsive customer support and customer satisfaction is our mission and our pleasure.